The Age of Vinyl

The Age of Vinyl


What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a DJ music game where the player’s own music creates play and audio/visual feedback.

Find out how the manipulation of the player’s audio effects game play feedback.

Generate unique challenges using your own audio.

Types of Audio




  • History of Vinyl: See and hear your music get remixed live! … or watch as failure brings your music back hundred years.
  • Dodge audio obstacles.
  • Collect Filters.
  • Adjust speed for pitch changes.
  • Scratch to rerun sections.
  • Jump to clear the track.

Target Demographic

  • Indie gamer with an interest in weird or experimental games.
  • PC gamer willing to spend time with small/student games.
  • Young adult (20-24)
  • Not opposed to the music genre
  • Gender agnostic



Distribution Channels

Steam Greenlight





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