Scratching! Learn About One of Vinyl’s Most Interesting Features

Vinyl Scratching

Let’s talk about one of Vinyl’s most interesting features, scratching. The original concept of scratching came from actual vinyl records where you can drag the record backwards to rewind it (Note: We don’t recommend doing this). Inside of a forced runner game, this gives us something pretty unique: a method of not always going forward. Of course, that’s not enough. Since you’re going backwards, we completely undo whatever you’d just done in the game.

This has several interesting applications players can use to their advantage. Smash into an obstacle and reset your streak? Just scratch back a bit before the collision, restore your streak, and try again to avoid it. Follow a path into a sticky situation you can’t get out of? Scratch back to the last fork and try the other path. Want to re-mix a section of your music? Go for it.

Obviously this is incredibly powerful and quite game-breaking, but with great power comes the Energy Bar*. You gain energy for every row of notes you successfully pass, and you spend it on scratching, boosting, or clearing the pipe. This means you need to be managing your resource, do you boost for the times two score multiplier, or do you make sure to save enough energy in case you make a mistake?

Give the game a spin and play around with the scratching mechanic!

Thanks for reading,

Jason Thummel, Engineer.


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